Legacy Village

Legacy Village

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A radically new approach to assisted living, Legacy Village Assisted Living homes are intentional communities designed to offer multiple layers of care while maintaining the look and feel of real homes.

Legacy Village, at 1303 Legacy Village Parkway, shares a quiet neighborhood with Legacy Village Garden Homes and Circle of Life Hospice Home.  It’s the kind of community that many of our residents grew up in – sitting on the front porch or visiting one of their neighbors.

Each house is home to 10 seniors, ensuring more personalized care. Each tenant has a private studio apartment to satisfy the need for privacy while shared spaces balance the need for community.

We provide services in a way that accommodates the preferences of each resident while respecting their choices, independence, individuality, privacy, and dignity.

Personal and clinical services are available 24 hours a day for residents who need help with the activities of daily living but are not yet ready for a nursing home. Rates are determined by individual care needs, based on a personalized assessment and categorized into three tiers.  

We are licensed as an Assisted Living level II by the state of Arkansas and accept the Medicaid Waiver.

Legacy Village Location

If you’d like to find out if Legacy Village is the place for you, please call 479.271.2387 or visit their website.

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